Feb 2, 2011

Flowers For The Forgotten

© copyright auralea krieger 2011

Canvas 9x12  Mixed Media Collage
Sold to Private Collection - Sweet Anna!

Ophelia continued to lay the flowers on the graves that had been forgotten. She shared with Nevel all the stories she had figured out over the past few years. She explained that she preferred to come to the yard just as the sun set because the flowers almost had a glow to them against the grey stone in the darkening light. It was so dark Nevel couldn’t read the stones anymore but Ophelia knew the stories by heart. Once her pail was empty she looked at Nevel under the moonlight and asked “Do you think what I am doing makes a difference?” Nevel took a moment and looked around at the glowing flowers on the cold stones then looked back at Ophelia. Her black hair was so shiny it was reflecting the moon light and he had never seen her sparkling gray eyes have so much worry in them. He replied “I  think everything we do makes a world of difference.”

Exhibiting at the Bel Air Art Gallery

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