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Thank you so much to my fans for sharing such beautiful words with me.

 i had to write to tell you how much  i love all your pieces !!! saw your beautiful article in somerset studio and just went on your website !!!!! i love love love your art !!   can't wait to receive my  "ophelia" book.. (signed, i hope).. and a few copies of your stunning fashion pieces !!! your work is so lovely !! i hope to purchase an "original" at some point as well... looking forward to my goodies !!!  

thank you ! mary ann xo

Thank you for writing such a lovely story, please let me know when the second book becomes available


Dear Auralea,

My mom told me that i could meet you!!!!! I cant wait!!!!!!!! I love your book, it really caught my attention. Im really interested in books similar to yours (but their never as unique). My grandmother bought your first book for me, and i cant wait to read the second one.

Hope to Meet You Soon!!!,

Dear Auralea,

You asked me about my thoughts on Ophelia. I think that Ophelia is an amazing book with the most amazing art in it. I especially love that you put the poem "Worn and Torn" for your father on her. It was very thoughtful and made me a little teary.


Hi Auralea,

Your beautiful work safely arrived at my house in Dayton today.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  They will be so perfect for my girls, they nearly made me cry.  :-)

Thanks so much, and I'll be sure to take a picture when they are all hung up.

First, I just have to tell you that we LOVED the book! Anna and I both read it and it is wonderful on so many levels.

I am sorry that we have not been in touch.  I will just come out and tell you that we have had the most horrible thing happen to us. My best friends son, died of cancer. He has been like a big brother to Anna since the day she was born, and the best friend to my daughter Mary. So we have been living through our own "something tragic". We read the book together again because it is just so amazing how it spoke to our hearts. I am almost too overwhelmed to explain the many things that jumped out at us.

My absolute favorite part is in the story behind Nevel..."The sad thing that happens to boys..They sometimes loose the part of them that shows their heart through their eyes."

When Anna read the name of the rabbit, she squealed, and said do you think....?

Of course, the part about Penance.

I thought Fairman was wonderful.

Anna loved how Chimera let Belladonna have it and then cried.

She really understood Misery and Malaise.

LOVED "Too many forks"

Anna wants to know what the woman in Ophelia's dream looks like.

Anna absolutely is "A Blooming Rose". That whole section was beautiful.

Thank you so much for your book. It has truly been one of the most wonderful gifts we have ever experienced.

It is truly a work of art.

Fran and Anna

Since I am emailing you anyway, I feel like I should tell you how much I'm truly enjoying your book. It's whimsical and dark and interesting and NOT normal - very odd, just how Ophelia would want it :D May I ask how you settled upon the name Ophelia? (it's my middle name)


I really enjoy your books. They send me back to my childhood and open up the child within me again. We met you last year while touring the Liriodendron Mansion and grounds.  We like to tour historic, old houses and we had visited this one at least six times through the years. We had no idea that you were doing a show there at the time, and when we saw your art, it immediately spoke to me. After reading your first book, I knew I had found quite a treasure in the characters and stories. Your art gives life to your dreams. Thanks for sharing.  

Fondly, Diana