Apr 28, 2011

Ophelia Under the Day Moon

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Art and Stories by Auralea Krieger
Full Color, 80 pages, 21 full page Illustrations of Ophelia and all her friends.

If you prefer things that are odd and even a little dark then read on...

Ophelia is a young Victorian girl who emerged from the rolling fog in my creative conscious. I knew I had to get her image on to canvas to see just who she was. This is when I created my first collage, “Worn and Torn”.
Since then she has developed into a magical character. This book was written to document her adventures. She is not a “normal” girl, nor does she prefer to be. She sees the world a bit differently, in that every small detail is just as important as the enormous ones.
The stories take place during Ophelia’s summer break. That summer would be the best summer of her entire life. The friends she makes will surprise her, some of them just as odd as her.
Figuring out a mystery, whether it be a strange haunting scream coming from the dark forest or a mysterious tapping in her eerie attic, will be just the sort of adventures that fuel her creativity and imagination. So if you happen to be looking for an adventure and enjoy a slightly haunting atmosphere then you simply must come and join her!

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To order the second book "The Summer's End" click here!!


  1. Auralea, I wanted to comment on your lovely Ophelia book.  It is such a wonderful innocent love story between children, the sort of situation which I remember from a childhood in a quieter and safer time.  I think the illustrations are just perfect, and each image suits the character so well that is portraying.  Well done, and cant wait for the sequel!  You have a lively imagination!

  2. The illustrations in your book, Ophelia under the Day Moon, are beautiful. The backgrounds are magical, and the figures are haunting and so reminiscent of how one imagines the past to have been in a world when children could use their imagination and be free to roam the country, and the villages, safely. I love the play between Ophelia and the creatures she treasures.

  3. Hauntingly fun? Undeniably! But so much more... Under the Day Moon is a labyrinth of experiences told through witty, intriguing characters. Investigate, dream and traipse about with the enigmatic Ophelia and her multifarious crew for adventures sure to stay with you. And don’t be surprised if they lead you to reflect on your own haunts—as anyone, but the youngest reader, can identify with these engaging tales.


  4. "I loved the book. It was fantastic! I am inspired by your artwork (Trying to draw Ophelia) and I am looking forward to reading book 2!" :D nice job, guuuuuuuurl!
    :P Michelly

  5. Ophelia is a great read! The stories brought back the wonderment of being a child, reminding me to dream big and look beyond what I readily see. The stories are thoughtful and unassuming but what lingers after finishing the book is larger than life and truly profound. Congratulations on the success of Under the Day Moon. I'm an Ophelia fan forever!

  6. The characters look so cool. I wish they were dolls too. My mom showed them to me and I knew right away I wanted to read about them. The stories are really fun and make me feel like I’m part of the adventure.