Feb 28, 2011

Who is Ophelia?

Ophelia is a young Victorian girl who emerged from the rolling fog in my creative conscious. I knew I had to get her onto canvas to see just who she was. This is when I created the collage "Worn and Torn".

Since then she has developed into a wonderful book full of short stories based on her adventures. She is not a "normal" girl, nor does she prefer to be. She sees the world a bit differently, in that every small detail is just as important as the enormous ones.
The short stories take place during Ophelia's summer break. This is when she will meet the most important friends she will ever have. Some of them are as odd as her, but that's the most important thing to Ophelia. Figuring out a mystery, weather it be a strange scream coming from the dark forest or someone that is curiously different from her. These are the things that fuel her creativity and imagination. So far her new friends consists of Nevel, Penance, Misery and Fairman

Ophelia, Under the Day Moon is the title of the book I have been working on. It has fifteen illustrations as well as many short stories. Some originals collages are still available as well as limited edition prints, which come matted or un-matted.  Each work of art comes with a small section of the story that inspired the artwork. I hope to finish the book this year and have it self-published.

Of course I will still be creating my couture collages and am excited to continue with art shows and showing at galleries. : )


  1. I'm sooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!! I'm your number 1# fan :) Anna

  2. I know you are Anna! You are my first # 1 fan! That's why I have named one of her two white rabbits after you. ;)

    Anna and Molly