Nov 15, 2011

Iron Gate Rusted Open

© Copyright Auralea Krieger 2011

11" x 14" Panel Canvas/Mixed Media Collage
Sold to Private Collection

Nevel walked her to her gate. The gate that was rusted open. He tugged on it. “When will you ever get this gate fixed?”
Ophelia gently brushed his hand away from the gate,
“I never want it to close, so it is just fine as it is.”
She went up her walk, looked back at him and waved. He waved, then made his way home. Ophelia stood on her porch and watched until he disappeared from her sight. She did have a good cry that night. It always seemed that when she had something wonderful it was taken away from her. She thought hard on how to see the good in the entire mess. She wanted the rest of the summer with Nevel to be a summer neither of them would ever forget.

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