Oct 22, 2010

Listening to the Universe

Art has always been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. Creating is as important as breathing for me. I was selling my jewelry and an earlier type of collage art that I use to create at an art show and I had a customer in my both ask "So you are an artist?" I found myself dumbfounded and confused. I had never been asked this before that moment. I graduated from The Maryland Institute Collage of Art and had been a graphic designer for 14 years. Recently I have been making the shift from graphic design to mixed media. In my mind I was only a graphic designer, but I answered, "umm yes, I guess I am."

That question haunted me for a week or so and I slowly started to realize that, yes, I was an "artist". I started to see myself in a new light. For so many years I had been happily creating brochures, posters and books for other people, now I am creating my own personal work. Creating from what's inside of me not just what's written on a job jacket. The Universe had hinted to me to pursue this and see where it goes. Thank Goodness I  listened!

It spoke to me again when my Mom had made a comment about the basic collages I was making back at that time and hinted how I should push further with my art. I was set back at first because I was having so much fun creating my Popsy Collages. But once again the Universe was sending me a message. What she said haunted me, it made me consciously think about what I wanted to express and what medium I wanted to express it in. Creating the Popsy's was fun but maybe it did come to easy and it was time to grow. This lead me to the Mixed Media you see on this blog!

I wanted to share these stories because if there is something someone said that is haunting you, be sure to really think about why it is haunting you. I think the Universe will always lead you where you are meant to be, but your part in finding your bliss is to listen.

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