Oct 24, 2010


© Copyright Auralea Krieger 2010

Canvas 11" x 14"
Once a child, now a woman, her spirit has been pushed, shoved and twisted. She has fought to be heard over and again. She has lost the loved ones that she thought she couldn’t live without. As every night passed, she began to grow wiser and learned to push back and to speak from her heart. She knows now that she will never lose who she has truly loved and that her young heart still beats inside her. As long as she promises to remember the sweet girl she started out as, her swing will soar with such power that her toes will disappear into the clouds.

Sold to Private Collection


  1. This is the most beautiful piece of art I have seen in a long time. I found a bookmark of Swing on the ground right outside Savona in December and it is inspiring me to get back into quilting. I'm making a mini-quilt of the design. I hope you'll be flattered by the final product. Your work is incredible. And how awesome that you're from the same home county.

  2. Hi Claire,
    That's so cool! I would just love to see it when finished. Inspiring people is why I do what I do! Be sure to send me an email photo.