Oct 24, 2010

Three Sides

© Copyright Auralea Krieger 2010

11x14 Canvas/Mixed Media Collage

Black shoes, ankles crossed, guarded to keep those around me safe, sensitive to those who need help or are hurting. But who looks after her? It doesn’t matter, I guess. She is self sufficient or so she likes to think. As for the smallest one, she is perhaps frightened and feels left alone and forgotten sometimes. She takes solace in her dusty, worn plush rabbit and anything that connects her to being small and playful and looked after. She stays close to those who are taller and show their hearts to her. Leaning on the tallest, a portrait of a tough little cookie. Her little leather boots make her feel like she could kick away anything bad. Nothing can get to her; “You don’t scare me!” Of course, she is frightened. Why else would she be so angry and bossy? She just needs to hear that everything will be okay and have someone give her hand a tiny squeeze. Together these three souls make a strong woman who is sensitive to others, knows her worth is great and her input is priceless.

Sold to Private Collection

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