Nov 17, 2010

A Gift

© Copyright Auralea Krieger 2010

9x12 Canvas/Mixed Media Collage
Sold to Private Collection

She gives all of herself to those that need her. Every day there are difficult decisions to be made but she was given a gift. The gift that was given to her was the strength and knowledge to be able to help creatures who can't help themselves. They are innocent and have nothing but love in their little hearts. She knows this and they know once she holds her hand out to them that she is sharing her whole heart with them as well. She shows her strength by letting a tear roll down her cheek when she has done all she could. Knowing she has to let go to be able to help the next little one who comes to her for aid.

Dedicated to Heidi Fritz, D.V.M

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness- It is beautiful! I love it! Your story brought tears to my eyes. That was really nice of you. If you do not mind, I would love to place it in the clinic. Thank you so much for making it for me. I did not know until I was looking at a book about symbols that the dragonfly is a sign of passing on into heaven, or someone that has gone into the after-life. Seems so fitting for what you have writen. I am so honored that you made that for me. :)