Sep 14, 2011

The Story Behind Misery and Little Malaise

© Copyright Auralea Krieger 2010

The Story Behind Misery and Little Malaise
15.5" x 19" mixed Media on Canvas, Framed
Original art from Ophelia, Under the Day Moon

Misery is a young girl who much preferred to live in her past. This is because her past was a time when she was very well off and didn’t want for anything. She had lived on an estate so large that it would take days to explore every nook and cranny. She had an endless amount of beautiful dresses and a very extensive collection of dolls. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, she is no longer living in such luxury. Where you will find Misery you will always find her little sister Malaise. Together, they remembered the days when their world sparkled and had endless promise. If you were to try to have a conversation with Misery it would be a daunting task. Unless you were to ask about her past. That would be a subject she would most gratefully share. Her eyes would light up as she spoke of those times but once she would finish the conversation, her mind would come back to the present. Then once again, the dark cloak of reality would come over her. She would fade back into her own fortitude of darkness and despair.

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