Sep 14, 2011

Not Insane, Just Very Sad

© Copyright Auralea Krieger 2010

Mixed Media Collage on 1" deep panel board. Wired for hanging and the certificate of authenticity is on the back.
From my book Ophelia, Under the Day Moon

Something very tragic happened to Penance. Before “the thing”, which is what we will be calling the something tragic, Penance was still very high strung but perhaps a bit more social and happy then she was now. You see, she was very, very sad now. So sad in fact, that her little heart had actually broke right in half! The only thing holding it together so that it could still pump blood through her veins were the happy dreams she would have every night while she slept. Never once did Penance have even one nightmare after “the thing”. These happy dreams gave her little heart a time to heal while she slept. When she was awake she only felt awkward, sad and very alone. Digging endless holes in the lawn did help. That was her time to forget and only focus on what lay in the earth below her feet. Meeting Ophelia would turn her future into a different direction from where it very easily could have gone. With her new friends encouragement of her very odd hobby, Penance would find a very rewarding career in archeology in her future. She would even go on to be one of the first women to lead an exhibition in a foreign land. There was something about Ophelia’s honesty that gave her the courage not to flee. But for now she is just a young girl with a sad heart and a wonderfully strange habit of digging little holes.

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