Sep 14, 2011

Tea with Eleanor at 4 O’clock

© Copyright Auralea Krieger 2011

Canvas 9x12
Sold to private collection
From my book Ophelia, Under the Day Moon

Just as Ophelia had lost all hope the wind started to blow even stronger. She shut her umbrella and went back inside where she watched the storm from inside the screen door. She noticed a horse and carriage pass by her house. Then something curious happened. The horse did a U-turn and pulled up to her gate. A young man dressed in a black rain cape and hat jumped off the carriage. He came running to her door.
“Is Miss Ophelia available?” 
“Why yes. I am Ophelia.”
“Lady Eleanor has sent a carriage for you.”
Ophelia was overjoyed! No one had ever sent a
carriage for her before.

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