Dec 5, 2011

Chimera and Beastly

© Copyright Auralea Krieger 2011

Canvas 9x12
Sold to Private Collection
From my 2nd book Ophelia Under the Day Moon II (Available 2012)

Chimera had called on Ophelia to help her look for her missing cat. The setting sun was just about to hide behind the forest as the girls made their way up the hill. They walked in the direction of the schoolhouse as they called for her cat Beastly over and over. There was a thunderstorm rolling in, so the wind was becoming gusty as the grey sky began drizzling lightly with rain. The girls knelt down to inspect the crawl space under the schoolhouse. “Do you see him?” asked Chimera.
“There!” Ophelia pointed to the back corner. Chimera went over closer to have a look. “Beastly you come out of there. You’re being very naughty!”
Beastly let out a meow, then rolled in the dirt on his back. Ophelia stood up and brushed the dirt off her stockings. “He is happy hunting for mice under there.”
Chimera got up as well, “No dinner for you Beastly!”
The girls began to walk down the lane past the abandoned house to make their way home. The storm suddenly reached its peak and the rain started coming down heavy and thick...

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