Dec 5, 2011

Taking Flight

© Copyright Auralea Krieger 2011

Canvas 9x12
From my 2nd book Ophelia Under the Day Moon II (Available 2012)
Sold to Private Collection

 Ophelia was positively exhausted from all of her adventures the last few days. She took advantage of the warm, quiet morning and enjoyed relaxing on her wicker lounge chair in the front garden. She was lying on her back with one finger pointing up towards the sky above her. Climbing up her hand was a small ladybug. It climbed up to the very top of her finger, opened its wings and flew away. Ophelia whispered, “Coccinellidae” (kox-ih-NELL-a-DEE), this being of course the beetle’s scientific name. She admired how the little beetle always knew to climb to the highest point before it took flight.

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